We often misunderstand love for just a crush, and sometimes vice versa. 

It can be tricky to spot the difference between love and a crush in the initial stage of attraction. Both make you feel happy and excited.

If you’ve ever felt confused and want some help understanding whether you are falling in love or if it’s just a crush, don’t worry; we are going to tell you the difference.

After reading this blog, you will be able to determine whether your connection with your love interest is going to turn into a love relationship or whether the feeling for this person will vanish with time.

The nature of attraction

We are first going to explore the nature of attraction as it’s going to help you understand what’s about them attracted you towards them. Understanding the nature of attraction can also help you figure out if the feelings you have towards someone are going to last or not.

1. Physical Appearance

It goes without saying that people are attracted to people who are appealing. And it applies not just to human beings but also to animals and birds.

A classic instance is the peacock, who dances and shows off its tail feathers in an effort to attract its opposite sex. Another example would be celebrities people crush on because they are attractive and they look gorgeous.

If you deny that it’s not the looks, then keep reading. Maybe it’s their intelligence you sense that’s working like a magnet on you. 

2. Intelligence

Our mind can act as a global receptor; people with high emotional intelligence feel attracted towards those who seem to be their ideal partner, i.e., blessed with high IQ. These types of people are rare; they can read people by observing them. They are very practical in life and are looking for something permanent instead of enjoying the attraction for a while. For them, it is for sure that the attraction starts as a crush, and whether it will take a turn in the future depends on compatibility.

3. Social Influence

Social influence can also play a major role in it. In this era, people usually not only are attracted to looks but also other social status. If someone is famous on social media, or in a group of people. That can be attractive to someone and have a crush on that person. This kind of connection usually ends up as a platonic connection which usually has no future and with time, the feeling vanishes.

4. Persona

There are people who meet someone but won't feel attracted in the beginning; it's too early to develop such feelings. But as they get to know them over time, they tend to develop feelings for them. It could be romantic, platonic, or both.

The personality of the person, such as their sense of humor, their kindness and understanding, their values and beliefs, etc., can grow on them. In such a connection, it is often seen that love lasts longer.

5. Soulmate/Past-lives connection

Although, apart from these, there is one more type of connection called “love at first sight,” in which two individuals feel an intense connection the moment they cross paths, there's a “more than meets the eye” thing going on before they even get to know each other's name or where they are from. They are often labeled as soulmate connections, past-life connections, or karmic debts from past lives. For some inexplicable reason, this type of connection cannot be described in words and it’s inevitable.

Love Versus Crush

This love versus crush can also be understood with an example of music. In the beginning, you want to listen to this new song over and over on repeat because it is too good, addictive, and “the beats are sick.”
You feel sure that you're in love with the song and that you’re never going to get bored listening to it. You can listen to this song every day for the rest of your life, but eventually you start to withdraw from such determination after a month or two.
The energy, sensation, and enthusiasm you used to feel in your heart before are not there anymore until you find another song.
Yes, eventually you end up forgetting about the song when you find another song that gives height to the same feeling and sensation that you lost for the previous soundtrack.

For more clarity, keep reading further…

What is love?

Love is a connection between two people that draws them towards each other and it grows over time. This feeling is beyond anyone’s control.

This connection comes into existence when these two people meet for the first time, the deep intense feeling for each other keeps them connected subconsciously.

Love can be seen as a string with two ends that ties two people together. The integrity, loyalty, familiar compassion, joy, respect, effort, sharing, and reciprocal affection give strength to this string. 

Commonly, you feel:

1. Intrigued by this person and want to know everything about them. 

2. Daydream yourself with them as happy and enjoying time together,going on romantic dates, or traveling, etc.

3. Imagine the future and family with them.

4. Always excited to meet them, often feel heart beating too fast when you’re around them.

It’s never enough to talk about love and how it feels. But let's now understand what crushing on someone feels like and why it happens.

What is a crush?

Often labeled as puppy love, which doesn’t last longer and eventually the feelings vanish in a month or so. This usually starts when you find someone cute and attractive. An instant romantic feeling is meant to end as there is no deep connection.It is usually not expressed as your subconscious mind signals this is temporary and meaningless hence, you don’t feel it’s necessary to approach them. 

In this era, people prefer having a crush rather than a love because there is no possibility of a heartbreak or toxicity.

You may feel:

1) Nervously blushing around them, acting like a fool.

2) Irrespective of your age, personality, you may feel like a young child.

3) You like teasing, flirting with them.

4) Stress free, careless and like a romantic hero. 

Is it possible that a crush can turn into a love connection?

Yes, there is a possibility that if you find the person a match for you, you both are compatible and enjoy each other’s company. If your feelings are not limited to feeling heightened by the infatuation and you’re experiencing something that cannot be expressed in words, You’re not only imagining happy, silly feelings, but something intense like love. Then there is a possibility that a meaningless crush can turn into a love connection.

As mentioned above, in the column on the nature of attraction, after meeting and getting to know the person, you might begin to develop a romantic and long-lasting love connection.

Should you approach your crush?

Why the hell not! Go ahead and approach them, that’s how you’re going to find out whether the feelings are mutual or if it has a future. This is the only way to find out if this puppy love has potential to take a serious turn for both of you or not.

Life’s meaning evolves from the moment you fall in love, and this person becomes the foundation of your future. You want to get older with this person.
This kind of love lingers even when you’re not around them; you daydream about this person. And it begins from the moment you meet. Love is a powerful feeling, not just intense.

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