The power of knowledge is bigger than anything. If you don’t have knowledge of making money, you can’t become rich. If you have no idea what’s going on in your life, you can’t have a happy life. The foundation of anything stable in life begins when you know how to do it.
This is why self help books are written to guide you, motivate you, put you in the power of controlling your life.

We are living in an era where people are manipulated to think if you want to achieve something just manifest it. According to their manifestation technique you have to write on paper that you won a lottery of 5-10 million dollars or you are now rich.

But that’s not how the rules of the universe work. Manifestation is just an imagination and will remain as an imagination if you don't work hard in reality to achieve your goals.

I present you 12 best self-help books for men and women both that will help you in the journey of self-growth:

1. The subtle art of not giving a fuck 

This book, authored by Mark Manson, will, I promise, transform your outlook on life and help you learn to accept it as it is. Without a question, the book lives up to the hype. I feel this is a great pick as a first self-help book for anyone, reading this book is worth the time. This book will encourage you in acknowledging your imperfections and deal with them. You're going to realize that there's nothing wrong with who you are. Chapters 7 and 8 were my personal favorites. I truly hope you'd enjoy reading this book, if you're planning to get it.

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2. Atomic Habits

Writer of the book attempted to elucidate the underlying causes of our bad behaviors using a scientific approach to help break the psychological chain of bad habits we have created overtime. The book will compel you to analyze your own behavior and effects of them on your daily life. It's like watching the raw you in the mirror and facing what these habits have done to you. I never realized that I too have bad habits until reading this book.

The author has used scientific and psychological studies to support his assertions and recommendations.  If you've tried and failed repeatedly to form new, positive habits, this book might hold the key to helping you.

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The Psychology of Money

It's essential to be knowledgeable about investments, the stock market, and financial management in order to avoid going broke during a financial crisis in the modern era. We all want financial security to be able to live better, stress-free lives.

If you wish to learn more about the game of money and it affects our lifestyle and mindset, you should read this book. This book is not about teaching how to earn money, instead it will show you the way of becoming wealthy and also how to make smart financial decisions.

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4. The Alchemist

For a valid reason, this book is on many people's lists of favorites. Over time, the alchemist won over millions of hearts.

Paulo Coelho, the author, originally wrote the book in Portuguese. Later, because of its success, it was translated into many languages and distributed all over the world.

The boy in the story pursues his dreams in order to fulfill his greatest desires. This line above may seem basic, but as you read the narrative, the passion will become apparent. The intensity of this simple phrase what kept the readers hooked on this book.

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5. What Are You Doing With Your Life

Written by Indian philosopher, author, and lecturer Jiddu Krishnamurti. The book addresses the fundamentals of many topics, including relationships and love, your innermost being, life as a whole, and the broad spectrum of emotions we encounter. For people who always feel like they are in disarray and may have lost control over everything, this book is going to benefit you in the long run. You must read this book when you get free time.

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6. The 48 Laws of Power

The book comes out as bold and at times you may feel offended. But all of the laws are backed by the true story of ancient history’s true story and if you decipher the message, you’ll eventually grasp the notion of these laws and how it can transform you from a naive person to a genius. You can apply these laws in your personal, professional life to  feel the difference. You’ll not feel entrapped, unhappy or a slave of your emotions.

Let’s face it: this world is not for the naive or fools. And if you want to live a dignified life, you have to be wise and mentally strong. You have to have what it takes to be on the top. The confidence, skills, and wisdom leads the way to success.

Although several of the laws in this book infuriated me, I can't deny that it taught me significant values and lessons that I abide by.

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7. Can’t Hurt Me