Rumours were that Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon are quite serious about each other and soon will be engaged; however, both have put a stop to these rumors as they seem to be false.
It seems that Kushal and Shivangi are telling the truth and reports were misleading to their fans.
In their Instagram posts, both expressed their passive anger towards the media who reported it and defended themselves by killing the rumors before it was too late.

Both were co-stars in 'Barsatein Mausam Pyaar Ka', and were close to each other; they have always been in people’s eyes as a couple. A news report suggested that they are soon getting engaged as the closeness is getting serious.

However, these rumors are denied, and to confirm the same, both took a stand to clear the air and updated their status on social media.

Shivangi Joshi said, “I love rumors. I always find out amazing things about myself I never knew." And the next post was about kindness, saying, “Be kind to one another.”

And Kushal Tondon wrote on his Instagram stories, "Yaar media wallloooo Ek bhath bathaooo, meri engagement horahiiii hain, our muje he nah pataaaaa ?????? I am here in Thailand training my martial arts. Aisaaaa kaiseee karletheee hoon aaap log, atleast thori tho authentication news ki rahkaaaa Karoo mere bhai log? Ye apkeee source hain kaun.”

translation: “Hey media please tell me one thing, I'm getting engaged and I didn't even know about it? I'm here in Thailand training in martial arts. How do you guys do this? At least verify the news properly, my brothers. Who are your sources anyway?”

As per the sources, both are in a relationship, and their connection is deep. They fell in love with each other while working on the set of “Barsatein Mausam Pyaar Ka.” The show wrapped up, and the last episode was broadcast on February 16, 2024.

As per sources, both are private people and are not yet ready to make their relationship official in public. They are quite serious about their relationship and are ready to get engaged very soon.