Castor oil is good for your oily acne-prone skin, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it. Not many people know the miracle castor oil can do for your body and health. It’s one of the most underrated ingredients not many people know about but the beauty industry knows and used it in their product. However, I used to have oily skin with severe acne issues. half of my life went to finding the right cure for my type of skin.

What used to work for others was just another failed attempt for me. I had to follow a strict daily skincare routine but still, I would end up with one or two pimples on my face.

Nobody loves a dull and lifeless look on faces, we dream to see the natural glow on our skin and it’s quite unsettling to see the opposite.

The first thing you need to change is your diet, learn how to take it to improve your gut health. And then, we come to this miracle oil, trust me you’re not going to regret it.

What is Castor oil?

Castor oil is extracted from castor beans which come from the Ricinus communis plant. These seeds contain the toxic enzyme ricin in them, which is removed by the heating procedure during the manufacturing process to make the castor oil safe to use for everyone. Castor oil also is one of the remedies for constipation, people who suffer from it should give it a try as it works as a laxative and helps bowel movement but don’t forget that it’s not recommended as a permanent solution for chronic constipation.

How can your skin benefit from it?

There are many reasons why castor oil works great for acne-prone skin. It doesn’t only help you reduce acne but regular use will transform your skin texture and you’ll notice your skin is not oily as it used to be. The result will shock you. Castor oil has properties such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and moisturizing, fatty acids, etc.