Being with someone with the expectation of not feeling anything or expecting emotional intimacy is what is called casual dating; it allows one to have multiple flings or casual sex with anyone. This is the kind of relationship our young adults are inclined to in today’s time.
But they don’t realize that this is what actually keeps them from a lifetime of adventurous love experiences and cultivates them into mature, sensible human beings.

When you find true love, it changes you in a good way. You would want to become the best version of yourself. You love yourself, you find value in spending your life joyfully, and life is a journey that is meant to be cherished. You feel proud of what you’ve transformed into. This is the power of true love.
On the other hand, a bad partner or shallow person can transform you into a miserable person, and you lose your value. You see life as a struggle and a challenge.

To lead a good life, it's important that you understand the consequences of casual relationships in life. This article is not meant to scare you, but to show you the other side of casual dating.

Let’s find out what a casual relationship is and why people are leaning towards it:

What is this casual relationship?

The definition is simple. You hate to be lonely, and you don’t want anything serious.
A casual relationship never takes a serious road or lays the foundation of your future home sweet home, happily ever after Cinderella life.