Noticing red flags is a trend now. Just open Instagram, you’ll find relationship gurus giving you pointers, telling you this is also a red flag that is also a red flag but should we believe all that they are telling us.
I don’t think so, there might be some actions of your partner that may seem like a red flag(warning signs) but that can be a commitment fear too.

The best way to notice a red flag in someone is through an intricate evaluation of their behavior. Finding reasons behind their behavior or actions will lead you to decide whether they are a walking red flag or just fear they don’t know how to face.

We are here to tell you, what are silent red flags in a relationship and signs that you may have noticed but ignored. Let’s dive deep into understanding those 9 warning signs that you should not ignore in any case.

What do we mean by red flags?

As per psychology, warning signs or red flags in someone indicates the person is manipulative, they use mind tactics and words to keep you under their love spell. They are usually controlling, have low self-esteem, and they may have narcissistic nature. 

Failing to understand what is manipulation in a relationship  causes heartbreak in the future. And ignoring silent red flags in a relationship is the biggest mistake one makes.
We in fact hype their good quality just to distract from the fact that they are actually a walking red flag.

If you have to put your happiness and desires at bay, that means the relationship is not going to do any good anytime. Sure, there are compromises and sacrifices in relationships but if you’re losing yourself completely, you should call it quits, put a break on such unhealthy relationships.

Anything from them be it love or friendship is not worth it. When we are in love, we usually choose to ignore these signs due to FOMO(fear of missing out).

Let’s understand why we ignore these early warning signs.

Why Do We Ignore Early Red Flags in Relationships?

In your eyes, your relationship might be perfect and there’s love. However, people who care about your mental health and life, will tell you that there is something wrong in your relationship, your partner is not right and they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated.
In the early stage, it may not seem to be an issue to you but, keeping up with an unhealthy relationship will gradually become the root cause of pain and suffering.

1. We ignore red flags because we think we can change the person with our love and discipline them to be a nice person

2. We feel that this person is our soulmate and that since God created them specifically for us, we shouldn't leave them even if they have imperfections.

3. We are too emotionally attached to this person, thus the idea of parting ways with them makes us anxious, uneasy and shakes our heart.

4. Or maybe we are inherently naive, we care too much that’s why we get caught in worry about how they will survive without us.

5. We believe that the universe has brought us together to lead a life together and that you should stick together.

There can be many more reasons why you choose to ignore their bad behavior or keep up with the silent flags in your relationship.

Don’t ignore these 9 silent red flags in your relationship.

1. Crazy Exes & Terrible Break-up Stories

The pattern toxic people follow is bad-mouthing their ex to gain empathy and a way to get into your heart. They portray their ex as an awful person, such as a narcissist or demeaning, toxic individuals but in truth, they are the one.

It’s a psychological tactic to persuade you to save them from their “bad” ex-partners.
Never believe someone blindly until there’s any proof which you sadly may never find because they come prepared.

2. Lack of Meaningful Conversation

In a relationship, communication is a game changer. And toxic people refrain from lively discussions and usually converse in one-liners.
They use quotes and phrases hardly in their own words.
Never having a genuine conversation about how they feel about you is a warning sign.

I am going to sound harsh, but whether you see it as a red flag or not, either way, it means they are with you because you satisfy their needs. When you fall in love with someone, you don’t hesitate to share your feelings, you either reflect that in actions by doing something special, surprise them, or talk for hours and hours.

3. Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is a reciprocal exchange of open and honest talk about deepest thoughts, feelings, and fears, and complicated emotions, without criticizing each other.

They have time to get physical with you but give you excuses when you try to get intimate emotionally. Whenever you think it’s time to connect on a deeper level, it’s never the right time for them.

They are just manipulating you for their selfish needs.
Out of 24 hours, making some time for a partner even 30 mins is not difficult. But if your partner comes flying for sex, there is something wrong with them, leaving them without second thought would be the best decision of your life.

4. Trust Issues