Today I’m going to provide three quick tips that will restore the creamy and smooth texture of your eyeliner, and it will still be smudge-proof and waterproof, just like before.
I have been trying these three methods for the past 6 years, and they work wonders.

Although there are many other methods available on the Internet to revive your gel eyeliner, to be honest, not all of them work as they claim. The eyeliner loses its smudge-proof properties. And nobody wants to look like a crying ghost by the evening.

Out of these three, the last one is my favorite. It works amazing; the brush picks up the pigment so smoothly, and it glides on eyelids like butter. You need to give it around one minute to set, and you’ll notice that your eyeliner is still smudge-proof like before, not heavy on your eyelids, and still deeply pigmented.

Additionally, I’m revealing, despite the fact that your eyeliner has not expired, why, after months of use, it loses its texture and gets dry.

What makes eyeliner dry?

There can be multiple reasons but in my experience there are only two main reasons:

1. Contact with air

This is the main reason that any eyeliner would go dry if exposed to air or an open environment for too long. And there is no way you can avoid getting your eyeliner in contact with air while you use it; you cannot prevent your eyeliner from drying out. But it doesn’t mean that it’s harmful or not good to use again. Your gel eyeliner only needs some moisture added to it, and your eyeliner will be fixed and will be as new as it was.

So don’t throw it out just yet because the components that kept it creamy have either evaporated or hardened due to the cold weather, leaving you with hard-textured eyeliner. Try out the methods mentioned below in the blog to learn how to fix it in no time.

2. Quality of Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients used is important; the short shelf life could be caused because of poor ingredients. Usually the brands won’t mention what ingredients they add in their product hence, you have to be careful.
I always suggest people, if it’s your eyes, always choose a brand that's been in the market for a long period and is known for their quality.

Certain brands have the potential to dry out more quickly after a few months of use.
Also, keep an eye out for components that are non-toxic and non-allergenic.

3 amazing ways to revive your gel eyeliner

You can’t get the artistic eyeliner look you want with dried-out eyeliner since it’s extremely tough to work with and can cause tugging, skipping, and uneven application.

I’ll share some tips that can revive your dried eyeliner instantly and are safe for your eyes too.

1. Hot water

Take a bone china dish, pour some hot water in it, and then dip your eyeliner jar in it for 5-7 minutes. Take it out with a spoon. Your gel eyeliner is as new as it was before. You can do this again if it dries out. You may have to use this method too often, depending on the brand.

I have tried this method on L'Oréal and Maybelline gel eyeliner, and L'Oréal would need less repetition of this hack than Maybelline.

2. Eye drops

This hack comes handy when you're in a hurry and don’t have too much time to spend only on your make-up. To make your eyeliner work quickly, add two drops of eye drops and give a little mix, pick the amount of eyeliner you need for use. If eyeliner gets dry again, you can repeat the process anytime.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is rich in fatty acids and proficient in keeping your eyeliner creamy for a longer time. All you have to do is add two drops of castor oil in the jar and mix it well with the help of a make-up spatula with no cotton bud on it or if you have a make-up spatula you can use that.
If the consistency is not creamy as you like, add one drop. 

I always use L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel, it suits me and it gives me a dense, deep, and longer staying clean stroke. It also doesn’t dry out that easily.

Another tip to prevent it from drying easily is always to keep the lid tightly sealed and whenever you're using it make sure you keep the top of the jar covered. I always put the lid on the top after taking out the eyeliner on the brush. 

How to fix dry kajal pencil?

Like gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliners or kajal pencil also tend to get dried out more quickly, due to exposure to the environment. To fix your dried kajal pencil, you should heat it up by rubbing the pencil in between your both palms.

The palm heat will be enough to warm it up for a smooth texture. This method will work for sure.
Please note that it is not recommended to use a blow dryer to warm it up as it will dry the kohl and make it hard. It may work the time you use the blow dryer on it but for next use it may not remain the same. 

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