What is the real definition of a successful relationship?

This question needs to be understood rather than answered. There are many forms of love relationships; they can be platonic, emotional, romantic, or even fatuous.
But in all of this, we look for perfection, fulfillment, and happiness, as that’s our goal in life.

The truth is, there is no recipe to make a relationship perfect in all aspects, but it can be successful, understanding, compassionate, and honest, which feels like a fairy tale in the real world. One that works for both partners and lasts forever.

Relationships that thrive share these common attributes, namely, time, communication, trust and mutual respect other than that it’s empathy, and the ability to handle conflict due to external factors. 

To lay the foundation of a successful relationship, you need these 4 pillars to be there. You can rely on these 4 elements that can beat any kind of troubles and struggles in a love relationship. They are the lifeline of any kind of relationship.

1) Time

I give more importance to time because if you can't spend enough time together, how can you ever be able to share your life with each other? Whether your relationship is long-term, short-term, or just started, it will always demand time. 

We are all working individuals, who have responsibilities, family commitments, business or job etc.,  but we can find an hour to chat or meet in person or by video call, it should not be a struggle in life. I hope you’ll agree.

2) Communication

Not just a conversation, but an effective one. An authentic communication about the future and goals builds a strong foundation for a relationship. You should be able to use words to define your emotions, compassion, and empathy towards each other.

To avoid problems in the future, both partners have to be able to speak freely by keeping their fear of judgments away; trusting each other is important.

This is the most critical element in any relationship. Not only are they able to speak, but they also have to be good listeners. Effective communication involves both speaking openly, listening carefully, and understanding.

If you want to avoid misunderstandings in your love relationship, you have to be willing to communicate better, even if it’s a 10-minute conversation.
Open and effective communication allows partners to express their needs and desires, their concerns, deep thoughts, etc.

3) Trust

Building trust is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. If you’re taking time out to build a better and effective communication chain between and your partner is doing the same, then you should not worry about this.

Being able to open your heart to someone is a sign that you trust them and if you’re lucky to have a great partner, you’ll begin to trust them more than yourself, it happens in a loyal and loving relationship.

Trust acts as a glue between partners which gives them courage to hold onto each other through thick and thin. Trust involves relying on each other for emotional support, keeping promises, and maintaining honesty.
Lack of trust, leads to suspicion and insecurity, failure to understand each other even break-ups.


4) Respect

In conjunction with the other elements, mutual respect is essential to every successful partnership. You cannot treat each other disrespectfully, regardless of the circumstance. Respect for one another is a must if you want a good, long-term romantic relationship. Partners should recognize that they are two distinct individuals and that it is okay for their points of view to differ. Conflicts usually emerge when both partners have distinct opinions on any given topic or challenge.

You should respect your partner and work to establish a common ground to agree upon in the disagreement rather than imposing your opinions on them.

Better comprehension will make things easier for both of you.


There is no relationship that doesn’t change over time. But if you aim to have a healthy and successful relationship, you have to stay dedicated and respectful. 

Like a house needs maintenance from time to time, a relationship also needs attention and care, time, trust, etc., for longevity. 

Life becomes easier if your love life is peaceful and full of happiness.

By fostering effective communication, investing time, building trust, showing mutual respect, compassion, etc., you begin a fulfilling and successful relationship. As said before, there is no relationship that doesn’t change, and you also cannot avoid external factors that may challenge your relationship. But by keeping these four pillars strong, you both can survive anything.

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