This year the 96th Academy Awards took place on 11 March 2024  turned everyone’s head around and made the audience laugh out loud.

I think we all have the idea, it is “Barbenheimer” that  had all the attention for the feud we witnessed between Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt.

Ryan and Emily became a trend on Google instantly for "Barbenheimer" rivalry. Many may confuse two celebrities as to why they are trending together. Oh, is this Emily and Ryan wedding? No, not at all, their name is not stuck together for any scandalous stories, in truth they are good friends but at the Oscars they were on each other's throats that turned out to be a funny thing on the Internet.

I think all of us know that “Barbie'' and “Oppenheimer'' are the two greatest hits of 2023. Both performed exceptionally great on screens. While the Barbie movie became the highest grossing movie worldwide, Oppenheimer gained more popularity and of course performed really well on screens.

The “Barbenheimer” will always get both celebrities' names stuck together as both were each other's competitor on screen and were doing WTF performances universally.