Sustainable Fashion: How to Build an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Did you know that the fashion industry is in second place as one of the biggest polluters in the world? On a daily basis, millions of tons of scrap fabric are thrown out in the garbage. If you’re not aware, synthetic fabrics and man-made fabrics are not easily disposable; it takes approximately 200 years for them to completely decompose.

This is why the fast fashion industry often gets blamed for polluting our environment, and we all have a part to play in this.
Every day, hundreds of trucks loaded with fabric scrap from manufacturing factories head to landfills to dump all the scraps or burn them all.

This is not only polluting the soil but also causing air and water pollution, which is harmful to sea creatures, animals, and nature.

To tackle this global-level crisis, many start-ups came forward to introduce sustainable fashion to society. They use scrap fabrics to make fashion clothing, accessories, and home decor items. Let’s understand what sustainable fashion is and speculate if it is going to take over the fashion industry anytime soon.

What is sustainable fashion?

In simple words, fashion that’s ethical and environment-friendly.

Choosing quality over quantity is recommended. The fast fashion industry has revolutionized the fashion game in a short period of time, but at the cost of our environment.

Sustainable fashion is a movement encouraging people to choose clothing that’s environmentally friendly, choosing quality over quantity to reduce fabric waste and help reduce environmental hazards. 

The major principle of sustainable fashion is to use organic fabric and recycled materials.

The future of sustainable fashion

It’s time to step up your game with sustainable fashion. People are choosing sustainable clothing for their daily wear. Also, many celebrities are supporting the idea of using organic fabric and reusing clothes. Emma Watson is one of those celebrities who is committed to sustainable fashion; she practices what she advocates. 

It’s obvious that sustainable fashion will remain in the market as a player, along with fast fashion. People are more aware of the environment and nature; hence, they are considering their lifestyle choices by prioritizing nature first. Organic garments are costly, but they have a prolonged life cycle and have many advantages over synthetic fabrics.

There are many brands in India, the US, the UK, and other countries that are working on saving the planet by promoting sustainable fashion projects. 

To meet the demand for eco-friendly and ethical fashion, organic garment manufacturing companies have introduced fair practices to make the process of manufacturing sustainable garments transparent to their customers, introduced biofabrics in the market, 3D printing outfits, reuse of plastics to manufacture shoes, reuse of plastics to make garments, etc.
The future of sustainable fashion looks promising as the demand for organic garments is growing.

Here’s the list of sustainable fashion brands that you maybe interested in:

1. B Level:

They are more focused on reducing water waste, claim the garments provide UV protection, and get better with every wash. They manufacture fashionable dresses for men and women. They use hemp as a fabric material, which is known to be breathable, protects against UV rays, and is antimicrobial.

2. Earthy Route:

They are using Lyocell and handloom cotton material for clothing. Lyocell is expensive, however, and is the best choice when it comes to sustainable clothing. Lyocell is best for summers as it can wick moisture, is breakable, and doesn’t require being washed frequently. 

3. Ora organics India:

They use fiber extracted from plants such as rose petal fiber, hemp fiber, orange fiber, aloe vera, soya, and banana fiber fabric. 

The use of fiber extracted from the waste of plants is an innovative and unique approach to making garments out of them.

4. The Loom Art:

The loom art, using organic, hand-made fabric, is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. They claim that their fashion clothing and products were originally handmade in villages in India, with hand embroidery done by Indian artisans. 

5. Tokree Jaipur:

Tokree Jaipur has been selling their handmade products since 2013. Their clothes, antique finds, and artisanal arts and crafts are from across Rajasthan.
They claim their clothing items are sustainable and eco-friendly.

6. The Terra Tribe:

They claim to use 100% genuine Tencel derived from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree. They also use hemp fiber, organic cotton, and linen fabric for their garments. Their collection is eco-friendly and fashionable too.

 7. I was a sari:

This brand has clothing, bags, jewelry, and accessories. They claim their products are made from material that already exists, which means they reuse fabrics and material collected before they go for decomposition or dumping. 

It’s quite impressive how they blended sustainability with fashion.

8. Earth Republic:

This brand has the latest trending outfits that are claimed to be manufactured using eco-friendly materials, and most of their raw materials come from 100% recycled plastic and agricultural waste. Also, they manufacture minimum quantities so that the product won’t go to waste.

9. Lafaani:

They are using organic cotton grown on farms as well as upcycled materials for their fashion clothing projects. The brand creates handcrafted products such as bags, men's clothing, and dresses for women.


They are using organic as well as recycled cotton fabric for their fashion clothing collection, which uses dyes that are plant-based and grown on their own farms. Their collection is fashionable with a touch of Indian heritage. 

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