How many times have we been reminded or been told by our hairdresser to use conditioner after shampoo? Almost every time we go to a hair salon to get hair color or a haircut done or treatment right!
Finding the best hair conditioner for shine is a task and I am here to help you choose the right one.

Hair that goes through experiments from time to time needs extra care to restore strength and shine. If you’re natural still your hair faces the sun exposure and heating tools used for styling which damages the hair, and makes it rough and dry.

Hair conditioner is something we should not miss on especially if you have colored or bleached hair. It’s crucial to infuse moisture and protein in your hair strands to keep them healthy, soft and to prevent breaking.

Hair conditioners have many noticeable benefits and one of them is, they conveniently de-tangle and prevent knotting due to dryness. Conditioner smooths out and straightens them, is easier to manage, prevents split ends, hydrates and replenishes your hair, and hydrates and replenishes your hair.

Conditioner closes the hair cuticle after shampooing, keeping pollutants out and nutrients in.

Let’s find out what type of conditioner is available and what would be the right choice according to your hair type.

The 4 basic conditioners and their benefits:

  1. Leave in conditioner
  2. Deep conditioner
  3. Rinse-out conditioner
  4. Cleansing conditioner


1. Leave in conditioners