They are scientifically proven to show results in making your body stronger as well as help the body gain strength and mobility; however, these exercises are easily forgotten or perhaps overlooked.

Welcome to the club if you also forget to perform these exercises during your workout session. The reason they are easily forgotten is because we don’t know the benefits of doing them on a regular basis or their contribution to strengthening our core and spine. If you’re someone who still hasn’t gained enough endurance to lift heavier but wants to, then try these underestimated exercises to build a solid core. 

Adding them to your workout sessions will make your results even better, guaranteed!


1. Pallof Press:

Pallof Press is probably one of the most underestimated exercises. But those who know how it works for your overall core and spine do it regularly. It helps you strengthen your core muscles and spine to be able to handle heavy-weight exercises. If you’re suffering from back pain, then this exercise is a must for you. It may help reduce your back pain during workouts. 

How to do pallof press:

2. Farmer's Walk:

This is a functional exercise that will help you build a strong core, strengthen your spine, and improve cardiovascular health. It is also going to improve your aerobic capacity. Do incorporate it into your workout session; do it on alternate days to see the best results. You will notice increasing strength to lift heavier and will be amazed to see your abs gain.

How to do farmer's walk:

3. Tibialis anterior exercises: 

When it comes to training the lower body, we train the hamstring, glutes, and shin, but we forget to train the tibialis anterior of the shin. The tibialis anterior is one of the most underrated muscles that we forget to train; focusing on strengthening it can prevent any lower leg injuries.

How to do tibialis anterior exercises:

4. Pushups:

Pushups are often considered a chest exercise; however, pushups are one of the best exercises to target multiple muscles, so you should make it a habit to incorporate them with your triceps, core, and chest day exercises for the best results. Try to do 3 sets of 15 reps or more as you grow stronger.

How to do pushups:

5. Copenhagen Plank: 

Doing Copenhagen plank will strengthen the abductors so that you can gain more control over balancing the weight and maintaining the right form to do the exercises you’re performing. It will also provide stability to your hip and help protect against abductor strains.

How to do copenhagen plank:

6. Kirk Shrugs: 

This exercise is easily forgotten because it is highly underestimated. I have never seen anyone train their neck in the gym, but just like core strength, our neck also needs to be strong. You can shrug using barbells or barbells as well.  

How to do kirk shrugs:

7. Underhand Bench Press: 

One of the highly underrated chest exercises that you should incorporate into your chest exercises, while traditional bench press targets the middle, upper, and lower chest, underhand bench press targets the upper pecs in a higher percentage. To target your upper chest in an effective way, you should definitely add this exercise to your workout session.

How to do underhand bench press:

8. DeadHangs: 

Most of us don't know the benefits of deadhangs; hence, we are not doing them. But doing it regularly at the end of your workout routine has many benefits, such as allowing your spine to come back to its original form by decompressing it. Not only that, but it also challenges you to strengthen your grip over time and improve the stability and mobility of your shoulder blades.

How to do deadhangs:

9. Serratus Functioning Exercises: 

Doing exercises to strengthen your serratus will improve your upper body posture, stabilize the shoulder, help your arm move around, and fix the winged scapula.

How to do serratus functioning exercises:

10. Bird Dog: 

Bird dog exercise is going to improve core stability, balance, and coordination overall. This exercise targets multiple muscles in one movement, such as the hamstrings and glutes, spinal extensors, abs, and oblique. This helps build functional cores by strengthening them.

How to do bird dog exercise:

These 10 exercises are often overlooked because we are not aware of their benefits. But trust us, incorporating them into your workout routine can transform your overall physical growth and strength. They are not only going to benefit your overall strength and stability, but they will also help you with injury prevention and improve your body posture.

Start to do these exercises to see better results that will amaze you!

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