Have you ever come back home with questions in your head right after a date with your partner? Do you feel emotionless when you’re with your partner because all you feel is sadness, pain and emptiness?

While you have these questions popping into your mind, at the same time you’re trying to repair them because this relationship means a lot to you, but have you wondered if this relationship is equally important for your partner?

Maybe you are thinking of ending it but feeling guilty about it?

You’re not wrong to feel this way; there is something off, and your subconscious mind  is coming to awareness. Feel no hesitation if you’re re-evaluating your relationship, before ending it.

We are here to help you make that decision, to help you make better decisions in your love life.

Here are the 5 signs that you should consider before dodging the bullet.


1. You’re Not “You” Anymore



If you feel alone while you’re with your partner or perhaps uncomfortable to be around them too often because of their behavior, this is a sign that you both are distant and are not heart to heart with each other anymore. The reason could be this relationship has changed you in such a bad way that you don’t like yourself anymore or enjoy doing things you used to love.
These unconventional changes make you uncomfortable or even this feels like you’re a projection of someone else’s needs and desires now.
You may experience distance from yourself, overthinking most of the time and dwelling into the time before the relationship.

If you feel this relationship has taken over your life, your mind, and your body. You should not think a hundred times before ending it.

Love feels different and if this is not adding any value instead it’s diminishing the significance of you. Definitely, it’s time to re-evaluate and find a way to balance everything.

2. Your Communication Goes Nowhere